Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Double Booking a Hotel: Is it advisable?

My first Vegas trip of 2017 is rapidly approaching and I'm again doing something that I've recently taken a liking to:  Booking one hotel off the strip and a second on.  Typically this involves me accepting a free night offer from either Caesars or one of the Downtown casinos.

Yes, I pay for resort fees (I'm not that much of a high-roller, in fact, I'm a guppy-low-roller) but for the most part it provides me a chance to not have to Uber it back downtown when I'm out in Vegas. It also allows me a place to stash valuables (room safes folks, use them) and it sure is nice to have a hotel nearby if need be.

For the most part however, I tend to stay off Strip now more often than not.  With Uber and Lyft now available you can get pretty much anywhere in Vegas for less than 1/2 the price of a traditional taxi, and you don't have to share a bus with 70 sweaty people who are often way more drunk than you. (Not always though, especially if you've been to the Cosmo).  Hence booking a second room.  At least for part of the stay.

Las Vegas is an unique city that allows you to do that due to the, still just, copious amounts of comped room offers available to player's card holders who partake in a little gambling.  As near as I can calculate, the number is somewhere around $4,000/day spend to receive a comped offer, but almost any gambling will open you up to the casino rate.

(Pro Tip: If you have a significant other only get one account, and two cards. That way both of your pay qualifies at one account. It's not like airline miles)

Yes, they are taking a lot of comps away recently in Vegas and, unless you're gambling well North of $10K/day, you're unlikely to get a comp room at either the Bellagio, Aria or one of the other high-end hotels, you can still grab a free room at a mid-tier property (say, the LINQ) or a bargain property (say, Excalibur) for relatively little spend.

Think about it this way:  If you're spending too much time in your hotel room in Vegas you're doing the city wrong.

Good Luck.

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